Counting Crows Release Full Video for New Song "August and Everything After"

January 29, 2019

Today, Counting Crows release the official video for their brand new song, “August and Everything After”. The Amazon Original track was recorded November 2, 2018 with Composer Vince Mendoza and the London Studio Orchestra at the famed AIR Studios – listen to it here.  In one of rock’s most mystifying stories, multi-platinum selling band Counting Crow’s 1993 breakout album was titled August and Everything After, but the album never featured the unfinished title track.

Originally a concept from the band’s frontman Adam Duritz, “August and Everything After” was the song the first album was named after but was a never completed track. The only place it survived was in the iconic album art. The lyrics seen in the background on the album cover released in 1993 are the original set of lyrics to “August and Everything After.” With the lyrics rewritten to complete the song, “August and Everything After” finally comes to life over two decades later as the band celebrates its 25th anniversary. Of completing the recording Adam states, “I never really thought much about this song back in the day because it wasn’t finished. But when we got the chance to work with Vince Mendoza, I thought it was a good time to rewrite it and get it right. He came up with really interesting arrangement - not the whole band or the whole orchestra but parts of each - drums, bass, and pedal steel from us plus the string section and one cor anglais (kinda like a big oboe) from the LSO.  It was magic recording it at AIR Studios in London. You can just feel the cool when you listen.”

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