Underwater Sunshine (Or What We Did On Our Summer Vacation)

(Original by Kasey Anderson and The Honkies)

You’re the kind of thing those sweetheart boys just talk about
such a pretty flame, still burning when the bar lights all go out
well everybody knows your name ’round here, but that’s alright
and everybody learned your game ’round here, but that’s alright
you told me if I stayed ’round here, you’d find a good enough place to hide

But I see you
I see you
so come on out tonight

I had my courage up, but felt younger tryin’ to fight the words
so I put a record on, and you found something you ain’t never heard
well, honey, everybody knows that song ‘round here, but that’s alright
ain’t no such thing as waitin’ too long ‘round here, so that’s alright
and I told you if you stay down here you might wind up by my side

And that’s true
that’s true
so come on out tonight

And all my friends told me, “you don’t need laws to tell
that if it feels like fallin’, boy, you probably already fell
the whole table saw your hand, so you might as well just play it
and you ain’t fooling anyone, so you might as well just say it…”

So, I guess I’m in love
I guess I’m in love

Some people get scared of those words ’round here, but that’s alright
Some people pretend they ain’t heard ‘em ’round here, but that’s alright
And you said you can’t stay ’round here and that won’t change because you made up your mind

But I still see you
I still see you
so come on out tonight

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