Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings

I sold my piano
It couldn’t come with me
I locked up my bedroom
And I walked out into the air
When nothing I needed
Was left there behind me
I walked out through the shadows
Of Washington Square

I wandered the highways
From Dublin to Berkeley
And I heard the songbirds
Of Ballyporeen
But I loved like a fountain
And it left me with nothing
Just memories of walking
Through Washington Square

Now I live in the shadows
Where light is electric
And time is a number
That rests on a wall
And nobody knows me
My friends and my family
Are as far from this city
As Washington Square

So cover this warm night
In a blanket of starlight
And I’ll follow this freeway
Out into the air
In case you should wander
And wanted to find me
I’m traveling homeward
To Washington Square

Words and music by Adam F. Duritz

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Washington Square

Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings